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Product Information for Fuji 7MBR75U4B120-50


CIM, U Series

Item# 7MBR75U4B120-50 - Converter/Inverter, W/Brake

U Series Information

Vces Ratings of 1200 VAC or 600 VAC

Ic Ratings of 15A~100A

Compact Package

P.C. Board Mount Module

Converter Diode Bridge Dynamic Brake Circuit

Temperature Sensor Included


Specifications for Fuji 7MBR75U4B120-50

Item Number:   7MBR75U4B120-50

Manufacturer:   Fuji 

Item Category:   Transistors

Subcategory:   CIM

Series:   U

  Ic:    50 Amps 

  Vces:    1,200 Volts 

  Package:    M712 

  Brake:    Yes 

  Temperature Sensor:    Yes 

  Current Sensing Resistor:    No 

  Height:    0.81 Inches 

  Width:    4.8 Inches 

  Depth:    2.44 Inches 

  H x W x D (in.):   20.5 x 122 x 62